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Mobile application of Twitly with 8 years of service and more than 2.000.000 members. Find the ones who don’t follow you on Instagram and Twitter!



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Compatible with both Instagram and Twitter


You can find the ones who don't follow you and unfollow them


You can find your followers whom you don't follow and start following them.


You will get notifications to see who unfollowed you


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Our principal mission is user security. All actions are done securely through your device. Your account remains perfectly secure.

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It never does any action with your account and never shares your information with any third party institutions and organisations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Twitly provides you with answers to your commonly asked questions

Is it free of charge?

Yes, Twitly has been completely free of charge since 2010.

Is it safe?

Yes, Twitly is completely safe. It doesn’t log any of your login info. Entire session information of yours remain on your device.

Is there any limitation?

No, There is no limitation of Twitly application. However, there are some limitations dictated by Instagram and Twitter.

Does it share or like something from my account?

No, Twitly doesn’t share or like anything from your account. Since your entire login information remains on your device, no one can share or like anything but you.

Does it show who blocked me?

No, but we will show who blocked you with new version.

Do I get any notification when some stopped following me?

Yes, you may see who stopped following you by clicking notification tab.

Does it show who viewed my profile?

No, becuase it’s technically impossible. No application can show you that.

Does it show people I didn’t follow?

Yes, you may see the people you didn’t follow from your followers list.

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